A downloadable game for Windows

Firstly i should say that.We are 2 programmers but we can't do everything in the game.We want to work with someone who can draw pixel art.If you have interest about working with us just mail your portfolio at pologamesstudio@gmail.com or contact with us on itch.io it doesn't matter.Let's talk about the game.


"Long long time ago there is a someone called ZiBang.Nobody knows him but,he was saving people and helping them .Trying to kill the Dark Lord Morgonir."
Are You Ready To Go?


ZiBang is an Action Platform game.That's mean you have to run,kill,run and kill.Don't forget to save villagers.(We might add them to the final boss to help us.)


We will publish this game as an Mobile game.But we want to see the itch.io users ideas.That's why we compile the game as Windows.

How to Control ?


A and D : Left and Right Moves

Space : Jump (Double Jump)

Left Mouse Button : Attack

Right Mouse Button : Dash


Note About Us : We are still continuing to develop the game.If you have an idea about the game or bad thougths about the game just let us know write it in the comments section. It is very important for us to, people think about us and to write and comment on time and for us to develop the game.

There is only 6 level and one of them is boss fight.If you guys like the game we will create more level for ZiBang.

And Thanks For Playing.Have Fun !!.

Install instructions

Just Download The Files And Open .exe File.

In itch.io app just install it.


ZiBang-win.zip 24 MB
Version 4 Apr 04, 2018


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WASD tuşlarıyla oynamak çile resmen.


Awesom game downloaded and I really liked it its very fun.I am alos a unity game developer.How long did it take you to make this game.

We started that almost like 6 months ago but, we can't do anything about the game because of work and stuff.Last month we decided to do the game and started the game second time and, it took like 3 weeks or something.Thank you for playing the game.We will try our best for new games.


ZiMission successful :) 

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Thanks for the video ^^


All in a day's work for the ZiHero. :D 

Nice Platformer.I want to download to my mobile.I hope you can do it soon.Good luck! :D

Thank you.Android version is almost ready to go.We will announced from here as well.


Oyun güzel bir platformer bölümler güzel grafiklerde öyle özellikle arka planlar çok hoşuma gitti oyunda en çok boss fight Zevk aldım bölümler genel olarak iyi ama bir kaç şey umursanmamış ve bıkılmış gibi duruyor . İnşallah proje istediğinizi verir iyi Çalışmalar.